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Just in case you were curious as to where I have been...

These last few months have been a whirlwind of events. Between moving away from my hometown, adjusting to life away from family, and staying productive at work I've had little time to spare. Simply put: I haven't been able to produce any content because I have been busy. Well it took a while but it seems that I have finally gotten everything situated the way I want in my new spot. With things finally in place I feel comfortable and am ready to get back to writing. Eventhough I haven't actually posted anything in a while I've been learning nonstop since my last article. Since my last post I have been filling up my knowledge vault with loads of valuable information that I plan on enlightening you guys with. But to save some time, here's a list of a few meaningful events that have happened since October 2020:

I'm just relieved to finally be all settled in my new place honestly and now that I've found a balanced schedule that works I plan on getting back to releasing content on a much more consistent basis. There are tons of things I have learned while at work, while working on personal projects, and from reading software books that I'm excited to share. Again, I'm stoked to get back to releasing content so be on the lookout for my next post here in the near future!